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This is a true story back and which Americans

Which is 2 weeks before the end of World War II.  Where a German soldier named Willi Herold is shown, who is running away from the army. He is followed by Captain Junker and his soldiers, who want to kill Willi. But Willi hides under the root of a tree which saves his life. Willi the hungry thirsty proceeds from here, where he meets another German soldier. Like the one who is hiding here except the army Actually at this time the German soldiers have understood that they have lost in this war.

That’s why many soldiers have left the army and out of them there are also two. At night, both of them go to a nearby house to steal eggs. But the people of the house get up, that’s why he kills Willi’s companion. Actually, there is a shortage of food, money, everything at this time.  everyone is robbing each other That’s why at this time the person who robbed is given only death sentence. Germany, which wanted to take over the whole world, today its own people are killing their own people. The same willi, who is hungry, is suffering from cold, he is just wandering to save his life.

Then he sees a car and when he looks inside that car, there is a suitcase there inside which is the uniform of a German captain, as well as some fruit willi eats fruit here and also wears the uniform of a German captain After wearing the uniform, he realizes that he is the captain himself. Just then a German soldier comes here, who mistook Willi as a captain. He says is your car damaged, I will fix it and he starts willi’s car. willi also asks him for his paperwilli also asks him for his paper The Captain movie

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Actually willi is behaving like this here, as if he is really a German captain. Now both of them leave this place Arrive at a bar in the night, where everyone calms down on seeing Willi in the captain’s dress. Willi says hi to everyone, but no one responds to his words. In fact, the people of Germany, now hate the German army. People have lost their loved ones because of the German army.  Everything was robbed of his family. Here willi tells everyone with great gusto, that law and order still prevails, Whose loss has been caused, tell me, that loss will be compensated After hearing this people started giving details of their loss. Here the owner of the bar also gives food to Willi and his partner, for whom both of them have come here.

A thief is caught here at night, who is stealing food, willi shoot him The next morning, both of them leave from there, and reach a house. Where three German soldiers, who have separated from their group, are troubling the family members. willi enters the house and forbids the soldiers to do so Also assures them that he is a German captain who is on a special mission and needs a lot of soldiers. These three also join willi Now these five leave from here.  On the way, when they are resting in one place,  Just then two German soldiers come there, who have a very big gun. Actually at this time the German army is completely scattered, That’s why some soldiers have run away and some have separated from their group. Both of them consider the willi of the soldier to be the captain and join the willi. Now Willi’s car runs out of petrol, so all these soldiers pull his car But then they have a military vehicle from this area, which takes them all at the gunpoint. And check all the papers one by one and now willi gets nervous because he doesn’t have his papers And when the papers are asked from him, Willi says that I will never tolerate such insults, I am a captain.

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Then the captain of this troop, the one who surrounded them, comes and asks willi that I want you to check the papers. Willi says that I am on a special mission, I have been sent here by the higher authority. The captain asks him, which high authority?  Willi says Hitler himself sent me here Captain says I want to check your papers Willi pulls out paper from his pocket, which doesn’t have his name on it But before giving, he says, I am also a captain, you too, so I would also like to check your papers. After hearing this, the second captain is convinced that Willi is indeed a captain and that he is on a special mission. That’s why he doesn’t check her papers and Willi’s life is saved. The captain tells Willi, that some robbers come here wearing uniforms, who rob the common people, kill them.Willi says if it is so then I will first teach them a lesson.  I will support you in this work After this, along with the captain’s team, Willi also reaches his camp with his team. Here he meets Captain Junker. Captain Junker is told that here Willi has been sent by Hitler himself for some special mission.When Captain Junker sees Willi he says that maybe I have seen you somewhere, But at the moment I can’t remember.  my memory is sharp, i will remember soon Captain Junker forgets that Willi is the same soldier, whom he wanted to kill at the beginning of this story on the charge of fleeing the army Now all of them reach a prisoner camp. Where the leader of all the guards, whose name is Karl, comes to them. He thinks that Captain Willi has come here to court martial all the prisoners of the army. But the junker tells him that Hitler has sent Willi here for a special mission. The Captain movie

karl tells willi that we are fed up with all the prisoners in the army They run away from here again and again, after going out they rob people, torture them, rape them. It is very difficult to catch them again and we cannot do anything with them until the court orders come. These prisoners have troubled the general public a lot. It may even run away from here and join forces with the enemy, we should end all this. willi says maybe i can help you in all this, but first i have to meet the prisoners.the junker now leaves from this placeand takes Karl, Willi and his accomplices to the place where these prisoners have been lodged, who escaped from prison. karl says I will bring the warden.  He goes to call the warden Here the soldier accompanying Willi beats the prisoners very badly, and also takes their money from them. When the same karl comes back to willi, willi says that we will finish all these prisoners. karl orders his soldiers to dig a pit near the Finns, where we will kill and bury these prisoners

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It is so dangerous that even these coffins do not deserve it. The same warden sees that a pit is being dug near the Finns. He understands that preparations are being made to kill the prisoners. that’s why he goes to willi He tells willi that I didn’t get any order from the justice department that we have to kill the prisoners.Nor have I got any information about you.  i want to check your paper Willi says that Hitler himself has sent me here, and I have all the rights.  I can do whatever I want. The warden calls his senior and he tells that Willi is killing the prisoners here.  He has already killed 5 prisoners

M Willi also talks to the senior over the phone.  He says the five prisoners I have killed were all criminals Hitler has given me special rights and I have used those rights After this the warden is told that you will have to wait till tomorrow, tomorrow I myself will come there and inquire about Willi.The warden tells willi that till tomorrow you cannot do anything.  willi leaves from that place After this karl, who has full faith in willi, is happy with every decision of willi. He calls a senior in the Justice Department.And together with Willi manages to convince the senior that Willi has been sent here by Hitler. And he has special powerAnd he has special power The same senior of the Justice Department calls the warden and tells him to do what Willi is doing.  Hitler sent him here

Willi and the commander then send 30 prisoners inside the pit and those 30 prisoners are shot. In the evening once again the prisoners are brought out, and once again 30 prisoners are again put inside the pit and killed. Now other prisoners are asked to fill the pit here, but they flatly refuse, because they know it is all going wrong. The same is shown to the warden who is very restless with all these things, he suspects willi.The same is shown to the warden who is very restless with all these things, he suspects willi. Because he’s seen Willi’s paint, which isn’t his size The warden has full faith that whatever Willi is doing here, he is doing it illegally. He calls his senior.  His senior says whatever you think, I want everything in return. The warden tells his companion that I have to go to the city, anyway, there is no power in my hand here. The warden leaves the city from here.The warden leaves the city from here. The same is shown to Willi who is happy today that’s why he gives party to everyone. Everyone enjoys a lot in the party, but here some people fight when Willi comes out after the party is over, he sees that there are still some prisoners who are yet to be executed. willi ties everyone’s hands and tells them to run away And when they run, Willi shoots from behind and kills them all.Actually willi has killed 90 prisoners today, he was the soldier of the German army who left the army And by running away from here, he used to rob the common people, harass them. Also used to play with the respect of innocent girlsNow at night here the herold’s army makes an air raid on this camp, due to which almost all the people are killed. But Willi and some of his companions survive

Willi gives big posts to the remaining comrades and now they all come to the city Where Willi and his accomplices start looting the common people in the city There is a hotel where these people stay. Willi’s accomplice misbehaves with him, which Willi is sentenced to death that is, willi has also made a court of his own. Now the next night the hotel is raided by the army police and captures Willi and all his accomplices. After this, Willi is prosecuted, but the judge does not sentence Willi.He says that whatever Willi did, he did for the people of Germany. But now he has to go to the front to fight again, ie in Berlin, where Hitler is. And constantly Herold’s army is moving towards that But before Willi is sent to Berlin, Willi runs away from the place.The Captain movie

And the last time willi is shown leading us to the forest We are then shown that on 23 May 1945, Willi was caught stealing bread.He was struggling to fill his stomach. Willi and his 6 companions were sentenced to death on 14 November 1946.Willi was only 21 years old at the time In this movie, we have been shown to the truth of Germany Where the common people of German are troubled not by the enemy army, but by their own German army.The fire that Germany had set on the houses of others, now their own hands are burning with the same fire. Here every German is another German’s enemy.So this was the whole story of the film by the Captain

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