The army of death movie

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The army of death movie

Cinema Shaukeens welcomes everyone, today we are going to talk about the arm of the dead, this story is about the time when the whole city of Las Vegas was surrounded by zombies, then all the people who went to that.

place did not come back from there but They also became Zombies that’s why the government soon closed that place but the whole world knows that the biggest casinos are only and only in Las Vegas and where there are casinos there will be a lot of money and some people
The story begins in the cave of death and we see a deserted road where an army container is going and there are many vehicles behind it. And these people are going, only then the car comes from in front of them with a very high speed and collides with the truck on which the container has been tied, then the container falls after going a little distance and due to the fall, its door also It opens, then when the army men move towards that container, only then they hear some terrible sounds and only the army men. Going close to that container, a giant comes out from inside it and he attacks everyone one by one and bites their neck with his sharp teeth, then two people run away from here but he is not far fromthen two people run away from here but he is not far from

this Zoombie While running away, he catches them too and bites them too, then seeing all the people he has bitten become all Zombi and after becoming Zomi, all these people leave towards the city i.e. now this whole city Let’s make Zoombe and they do the same, they go inside the city and this city is Las Vegas, then slowly they make the people of the whole city Zomi, then we get to see the terror of zombies everywhere, all around only Only zombies and blood are visible, then we see a man here whose name is escort and his entire group with escort, he has come here to rescue some peoplewith escort, he has come here to rescue some people and the whole group of escort is very strong. is facing

these zombies and there is no fear in their heart about zombies, yet while saving innocent people, many of the group. People are killed, yet the terror of these Zoombez does not subside, then the squat goes out with the few remaining people of his group,then the government makes a circle on the whole city to stop these Zoombeges and this circle It happens that after encircling the containers again, the government also rains bombs on them, yet the number of these Zoombez does not decrease and there is a similar atmosphere of chaos everywhere and people keep watching TV throughout the day and Zombiz on TV. Keep watching the news because all their jobs have gone fifty million dollars and two hundred million dollars or insurance has been filled long ago, so no one knows about those money and no one has any

meaning and if they get those money soon If it is not taken out from there,then in the next thirty-six hours the government is going to burn the whole place to ashes and if the whole place is burnt then that money will also beburnt in it, so if you want, we can take that money out of there,so you Come take all that money and Iwill give you fifty million dollars and after listening toall these things Scott gets into a bit of thinking and he finally thinks that he will do this work because after doing this work hislife will change. Then when the escort agrees to this work, Devast gives him some maps, one of which There is a map

how to reach that safe and the second map is how to open that safe and the escort starts preparing to do this workbut before going there the escort will have to set up its team.only then on the other side we Lets see the daughter of escort.whose name is KET and kit is a social worker and now she is working in a refugee camp and in this camp there is a girl named Geeta who has two children and Geeta how to get out of this refugee camp She wants and needs a lot of money to get out that’s why she plans that she will go inside the Last Wager city where people get easy money because there are all zombies but there is money right now. are also lying in the shops and

Geeta tells this to Kit before going to the last wagons, then Kate tells him. gets annoyed

and says that you do not know that till today whoever has gone there has not returned from there so think about your children that if you go from here then who will take care of your children and kit She also says that I will never let you go from here and after listening to all these things Geeta says that okay I will not go to Las Vegas but seeing Gita’s face it is clear that Gita is such a kit only. is saying to keep in mind and that Las Vegas will surely theseare the only two options if there is on having a security guard named bird and let us see what seems to insolence both girls

Let’s see how difficult it is to spend life in refugee camp, meanwhile we get to see flashback that why gate stays away from her father scot because when the whole city was full of Zomi then her mother also got infected and her mother’s. The condition was gettingworse day by day when the escort hit him with his hands and after this incident both father and daughter I keep getting distance then we see escort who wants to rebuild his team that ‘s why he first goes to a girl named Maria who used to be his team before and as soon as he sends Maria to this mission tells about Maria agrees to go with it then goes to escort to a man named Ludvi who is expert in opening safes then as soon as Escort tells him about the money to open this safe. After hearing how much money he will get, Ludhi agrees to go with him and now the next name in Scott’s list is Marian,

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who is a pilot, then Marian also joins their team andthen in Escort’s group. Another capable man comes whose nameis vendor and this man is a brave soldier and apart from all thisthere are two more people in the group of escort in which there is a boy and a girl and along with him Billy Tanaka has killed one of his men. they often sent with the name Martin and Martin is always going to be with them and all of them to join their group Ba The Scott reaches over to his daughter and tells her that he wants Kate to go with him but Kit refuses to go with him and starts leaving and when she goes inside the camp she finds out. It turns out that Geeta has left here at night and she understands that Geeta has gone to Las Vegas so she comes back to her father and says that I want to join your plan and I will also go with you then Scott says that you can go with me but we will not let you

inside Las Vegas and on hearing this his daughter gets angry and says that how can I go inside Las Vegas either I will go with you or Then without you and after listening to this, Scott agrees to take his daughter in because he knows that if he goes alone then he will not come back alive thenall these people are going to leave here but they have to be here.I need a man who knows every step of Las Vegas and there is only one such person at this time and his name is Lily only then these people see that Lily Coming back from inside the city but Lily is alone and seeing this thing she understands that Geeta is probably lost or dead inside the same city so she attacks Lily and tells Lily that you probably do not know but the two children of that woman and that Gita is not something then it will be orphaned says sorry to Lilycate after hearing the matter and tell you that I know I would never bring in the Geetaand tell you that I know I would never bring in the GeetaAfter all this, Scott asks Lily to join his gang and promises to

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give him a good amount of money and Lily also joins but Lily says that they will need another man that’s why She asks the bird to join her and tells the bird that if he supports her, she will get twenty thousand dollars and after hearing the name of this money, the bird also agrees and all these people reach inside the city. And the view of the city is very terrible and the most terrifying thing here is a tiger and he has also become the tiger of zoom and after becoming the zoom also he is very dangerous It is visible only then Lily tells everyone here that there are two types of zoombey, there is also such a zoom which has the power to think and understand and it is very powerful and the other Zombee are such that they do not have the power to understand, they only They know how to quench

hunger, that’s why they listen to those who think zoombee and if we want togo inside here , then we have to deal with them and the deal here is that we have to hand over a live person tothem and after saying so much to Lily bird Shoots in the leg and says as soonas he shoots that your pitcher of sins is full because the bird used tomisbehave with many girls of the refugee campmisbehave with many girls of the refugee camp and put his hand on their honor and as soon as he told all this Lily dragged the bird Takes it forward and leaves it there, then there are also two zones in whichthere is a woman and this woman is the queen of the zone and she starts dragging the bird from here , then it tells that we have Have done a deal with them and now they will not bother us and these people start going inside the casino only then the statue of liberty Above we see the

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chieftain of Zomio who is watching them very carefully and its name is Jews and all the people who cut them also become zombies but their thinking power remains intact so we give them alpha zoom also It is said and as soon as all these people go inside the casino, after that the Queen reaches with the Zombee bird. Olympus is the name of a building inside Olympus and there are thousands of zombies inside this building and as soon as the Queen takes her there. After a short time, she comes there and as soon as she comes, we come to know that Queen Zomi is pregnant, that is, she wants to create a natural zombie which is a born zombie and a born zombie how

unique and how powerful Maybe no one has any idea about this, so the Jews are very happy with this thing, then after meeting their queen , the zews reach near the bird and bite it in the neck and throw it down as soon as he bites it After that many Zoombies start biting him, then on the other side we see Scott’s team which is a While going through a building towards the casino, then a girl from their group collides with a Zoombie and wakes up the Zoombie who was sleeping till now, then to save

her life, that girl starts shooting at her. Due to which.more Zoombie wakes up and on seeing the number of these Zoombez ncreases and all the people kill them but eventually when thatncreases and all the people kill them but eventually when that girl thinks that these Zomi will catch her then she blasts herself and when that blast If it happens, many Zomies are killed along with it, then Scott’s entire team reaches near that safe and there they find another map, this

map looks exactly as Billy Tanaka has given them and this thing On seeing all the people understand that this is not the first people whom Billy Tanaka has sent here for this money, Billy Tanaka has sent many people here before them who have gone back alive from here but all these Forgetting things , these people get busy with their work, that’s why Scott sends Maria and Marion to the roof where the helicopter is stationed. And both of them take the fuel of the helicopter and start adding fuel to it and on the other hand Scott goes with his daughter Kate toto it and on the other hand Scott goes with his daughter Kate to start the generator here so that electricity comes here,

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meanwhile both of them talk and talk. In I learn that Kate is angry with Scott because after her mother’s death, Scott did not come to see her even once and Kit felt very bad that Kit had lost his mother and along with her he slowly Slow lost his father too but squat always felt that he hit cate’s mother so kit is angry with him rather cat feels that whatever escort did is right because their mother was infected and she slowly Slowly the zone was also being formed and here both of them say their own things, after that their grievances go away and after all these things, squat tells his daughter that when we will get a lot of money, then we will be far away from here. Will go and start our relationship there and I will cook food in that restaurant and after hearing all these things ga te laughs and her laugh means that she has forgiven her father and now she will stay with the squad then Martin and Lily see and Martin has made a deal with Lily that she should get one of the queen’s blood sample is needed so Lily shoots in the air here and it means that she is calling the queen over here only then we see Ventro and Ludhi which is near the vault

and they see a lot of dead bodies here Appeared and one of those corpses is such that they are dressed exactly like Maria and have the same locket around her neck as Maria ‘s neck and as soon as the vendor sees this thing he says that Do we know that we are trapped in some kind of time look and this thing is repeating again and again in our life and
maybe we are dead here but no one gives on this matter and these people move towards the vault only then Ludhi says I think a lot of traps have been laid before this vault in whichlot of traps have been laid before this vault in which man can also get trapped and hear that the windrow goes down and Su catches a Zombi from there and

then these people send Zombi forward on that path till the safe but as Zombi progresses he gets attacked one after the other and in the end he smashed him

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